Dezabel- Somebody (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

This song is an absolute gem and expounds on the phrase “When you know, you know." We may have a clue to what Love might be and how we react to the feeling of it; Many of us do not because we haven’t gone through that stage yet. Sometimes we are tricked into believing we know we love a person. Truthfully, love is an unexpected signal that we either embrace with the same or less energy. Dezabel’s Somebody expresses what transpired after recognizing real love.

Jazelle Paris & Ben Botfield, the vocalists on the piece, capture the moments we may not realize are acts of affection or desire for a particular person. Having a person to talk to in times of need are in demand with the awareness of mental health being prevalent. That specific source of calm energy and happiness resonating from one person, without a question, is great to have. I think that’s the biggest thing, not having to question whether someone will be there for you through trials and tribulations. Life is not all roses and sunshine; In those dark moments, will your partner stick with you?

Alongside excellent production from Dezabel, Somebody, is a song that falls in the category of lowkey R&B/Pop. That underground R&B/Pop scene is getting crowded each day, but this is a standout track that I’m excited to add this to my playlists. 

Take a listen:

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