DGunna & JR The Plug (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright

It's a cliché, but it's true. Art is one of the most free-spirited aspects of society. Now, with the leisure and privileges that art creates, one may say that there is no such thing as "bad" art, it's too subjective to be given simple labels like "good" and "bad." But it doesn't stop there, one may also argue that there is no "right" or "wrong" way to approach creativity.

The aforementioned holds quite true when referring to the career of DGunnabeats (David Cabrera). When people think of producing, or developing high quality music, there may be this misconception that a large studio with expensive equipment is needed. However, with DGunna, all he needs is his laptop and a place to sit. That setup has worked well for him. Ever heard of a $400 bat with a $4 swing? This the exact same concept, but on the opposite side of the spectrum. His cliental now consists of major artists such as: Cardi B, Lil TJay, and A Boogie. While recording several tracks with A Boogie, he's managed to produce a 2x Platinum record, and 1x Platinum album from the comfort of a basement. 

He is a full-fledged entity, and  according to Tricitydaily.com, via his studio, Plug City NYC, DGunna is helping artists strive and soar in the industry. "Through his music studio, Plug Studios NYC, he is providing the best sound quality and services in NYC to help emerging artists establish their mark in the music world." 

Per Plug Studios NYC's website:

"Before Plug Studios NYC , there was a boy with a passion for music, and a dream only dedication can buy. David Cabrera also known as DGunnaBeatz founder of Plug Studios NYC, was only Twelve years old when he was gifted his very first desktop... With his drive and support from his team, Plug Studios NYC was born. The music studio started as a basement project at home, but within months of launching, David realized he needed more then the experimented space to provide his clientele with quality experience. Since then, they have expanded into a commercial location. Plug Studios NYC is now one of the best recording studios in the tri state area and is a place of ambiance, with a decadent lounge, a production suite, two new state of the art recording rooms, and a phenomenal team of engineers and producers eager to assist aspiring and established artists in the makings of a hit in this music industry!"

Check out Plug Studios NYC:

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