Dimitri von Büren- Hypnotized (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

When you are Hypnotized, the mind is completely helpless and you're under the control of someone else. While that can have a negative connotation to it, there can be a positive aspect to being hypnotized. In the form of music, the sound is so unique and unorthodox that it puts you into a trance.

Dimitri Von Buren eloquently displayed a style that blends a myriad of sounds into a psychedelic force field– especially with how the mixing on the vocals are executed. There is a sense of hypnosis as you listen and tune out all the outside noise in the world. I was also impressed with the instrumentation on this track as well on Hypnotized. The drums are a standout and a different element to the song. He truly does a good job of creating the experience for the audience as the piece progresses.

Dimitri doesn’t stray away from the concept of the song, he stays in key and gives us his experience of being under the influence of another person. His shared experience along with the given details can be personable with a vast amount of people.

There will always be that one person who has you in awe with their aura.

Hypnotized by Dimitri Von Buren is out on all streaming platforms. 

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