Dirty Money- Young E Class [SwanoDown Report]

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“Good things happen to those who hustle” – Anaïs Nin

You know, there’s something about successful people that tends to intrigue us. I’m sure you can think of several examples in your head where this is true. However, we have a different kind of infatuation/love for people who are self-made, and it’s even stronger for those who get it out of the mud! That’s the exact case with DC-bred artist, Young E Class.

On E Class’ new release, ‘Dirty Money’, you get that great feel of the grit and doggedness taken in order for E Class to get to his current status.

There’s an enticing musical juxtaposition within this record. The piano and drums are engineered crisply, but from a melodic/rhythmic standpoint, they’re a bit calming and subtle. If you look deeper into that, one could assume that some of what E Class is rapping is reflective. Not only that, the instrumentation also provides a space that lets you focus solely on Class’ lyrics and delivery. The repetition of “Dirty money, can you count that?” also gives the audience insight into E Class’ lifestyle. This is evidently one of his more introspective pieces.

"When someone judges what you do, you ask them if they can count it up. You know how people count pockets or worry about how you feed you pockets. That’s why I said: ‘I'm tired of people asking why I’m not on yet, I saw 100k before a rap check,’  I was just talking my talk you hear me,” E Class explained while referencing his approach to recording a new track such as this one. 

“I want people to have a sense of pride in their hustle, however you get your money. Because only you understand what you went through to get it," said E Class.

When you’re ready to get on your grind, this is the song for you. On your way to work? The gym? Your next class? E Class has some words for you…

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  • Markesha

    Fire flow 💥💥💣💣

  • Brenda Venable Preston

    You were always a class above; so glad you found yourself – you are now what you should have been all along!!! Remember to keep God first!! Aunt Brenda

  • T

    Let them count em up, while you keep stackin’ em up!

  • Ida

    I’m so glad and proud for you nephew

  • Dwain Watts

    Dope article on a dope artist!!!!

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