Distryx Music, A Trending Hip-Hop & Rap Lyric YouTube Channel (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by SwanoDown 

Meet Varin Lal, a 17-year-old Youtuber from Oakville, Ontario. Varin uploads daily lyric videos on popular hip-hop and rap artists. He has achieved 250,000+ subscribers and 90,000,000+ views on YouTube. However, this fame did not come to him quickly. He started to take an interest in becoming a YouTuber when he was around 13.

With inspirations from NAV, The Weeknd, Travis Scott, and Lil Skies, Varin knew he wanted to have a career within the music industry. By the time he was 14, he had started publishing YouTube videos over various channels. When asked how many channels he had created before his enormous success, he responded by saying, “I’ve created at least over 250+ channels, and I gave up on them all.” Then came December 2019, Varin decided to put all of his efforts into one channel. This channel was called “Distryx Music,” and he saw little to no growth for three months.

Finally, March of 2020 rolled around, and this is where he started to take off. He created TikTok song mashups and published them on YouTube. These videos would scale up to millions of views on his channel. Fast-forwarding to today, Varin works with multiple artists and creates lyric videos incorporating them who he believes deserve a larger fanbase.

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