DJ KnockOut: Let Him Rock the House (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright

"You can't shine if you don't grind." -DJ KnockOut 

I've been to and performed in several concerts throughout my life. The preparation and process for many of them are consistent. It goes a bit something like this: you go through rehearsals, figure out the order of your set list, get promotions rolling, and start selling tickets. But wait a sec! What we can't forget is who's DJing.

Now, I'm sure we've all seen it. A show's DJ can either enhance the experience, or bring it down. Lexington, Kentucky native, DJ KnockOut, is someone you want on stage at your next event. From his celebrity-filled lists of collaborations, to his big venue experiences in places like Rupp arena, he has all of the exposure and capabilities to maximize you and your attendees' experience. 

Taking a look at the faces of audiences during his sets, there is no doubt people are having the time of their lives! No one is still, quiet or unengaged- they're fully immersed in what KnockOut is spinning. That type of skill to control a space in the way he does comes with serious time-on-task and fervent repetition.

"A great DJ is able to fit in. They understand the whole picture. The thing isn’t there for them, they are there for it. They don’t play pre-arranged sets or parrot by rote. They are able to improvise. They arrive with everything they need to do whatever is required," According to mixmag.

Having DJ'd for varying talents such as Jack Harlow, Trippie Redd, and Icewear Vezzo, it's evident that Knockout has an understanding of rocking a variation of audiences with his captivating voice, and song selection on the boards. 

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