DJ Zenas ft. TaiMarie- Breathe (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

A potent subject matter, gut wrenching verses, and a beautifully sung hook.

Those are all the attributes embodied in, Breathe, by DJ Zenas. During these historic times, there are many artists who've written pieces that directly correlate with today's climate. Some of those pieces sound genuine, some sound personal, and let's be honest… some sound gimmicky. When I listen to this piece, I feel so deeply connected with the overarching message of equality. I've just replayed the intro for a fifth time, and it's given me chills- again. You can hear a man full of passion, saying to what seems to be a reporter: "We don't want to loot, that's not what we're out here for. But we do want justice, and we want equality. And if we don't get that, we're going to be out here…" This sample sets the landscape for what's to come throughout this 2:28 piece. 

A resonating bass, and professionally leveled drums, lead the way for the track's production. There were not any issues with this cut's Mix & Master, it was top notch. The listening experience is smooth and clean. 

This piece is also written and composed quite solidly. The lyricism and melodies can be easily understood and followed. There is no doubt that this song was handled with care. Lines like: "Justice, nah, got me feeling like it's just us" and "Fill a role, outta' know who we electing" show not only DJ Zena's artistry, but his heart. 

Listen to Breathe:

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