Dmf Musa- Nights Like This (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright

Passion, steadfastness, and zeal are all attributes needed to be successful. This isn't just in regards to music/entertainment, this applies to anything with any level of obstacles. Most people don't reach the top, because not many are prepared or courageous enough for the climb. However, that still isn't enough. One must have awareness of their positioning and how to carefully approach their zenith. If you miss a step on the "climb," you very well may fall. While listening to Dmf Musa, and analyzing some of his steps, it's clear he's not only driving in his own lane- he's paving it.

On his track, Nights Like This ft. MO3, you get vivid storytelling, catchy melodies, and heartfelt production. "It was nights like this when I learned everything I know." The piece is genuine and doesn't make you question the validity or rawness of these artists. 

Dmf told SwanoDown: 

"I wanted my listeners to reminisce on the experiences that helped make them who they are today."

With a piece with such personal narratives, we asked Dmf if he considers his audience while writing, or if he only caters towards his liking. 

He responded:

"I learned artist are entertainers and as a entertainer you gotta provide people entertainment. So some stuff is for the peoples ears, and the rest is from my heart and experiences." 

This is only the beginning of a bright career and a photographic storyteller. We look forward to his future.

Take a Listen: 

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