Donn Sirrah (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Chris Yangello 

Let me be the first to say that I truly admire up and coming artists. Their sheer desire to succeed in one of the world’s most competitive industries never fails to amaze me. Artists with raw vocals and a melodic flow attempting to change the game with their sound are the ones that make an impact. While some artists never get the chance to have their time in the spotlight, others will be lucky enough to.

Meet Donn Sirrah, a.k.a @lightskinlovin on Instagram. Donn Sirrah embodies every aforementioned detail of what it means to take pride in being an up and coming artist. With recent tracks such as “Demon”, Donn Sirrah’s creative expression simmers to the top in comparison to other up and coming artists in his category. Demon is one of my personal favorites from Donn, as it combines his natural sheer talent with an out of the box expression found only through tracks similar to Demon.

There’s a lot that could be said about Donn Sirrah, but I think his music does enough of the talking. Personally, I believe he is destined to go somewhere, and his social media numbers do well in backing that up. 2021 is a big year for Donn Sirrah, and I’m happy to voice the potential I see from him at the start. I don’t think it would be impossible to see him on the cover of an XXL Freshman Class in the near to near-distant future, either.

Donn Sirrah is an artist like no other. I’ve never come across an artist with so much passion and desire that can be heard through their vocals alone. If you’d like to add Donn Sirrah to your playlist, or learn more about who he is, kindly take a moment to check out his Spotify account that I’ve linked below. I promise you won’t regret it!

Check it out:

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