Ron Robinson x Rudy Walker x The Phenom- Don't Bring No Suitcase (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by SwanoDown

If there is one thing to surely appreciate in the art world, it is the steadfastness, dedication, and genuine passion that an artist displays in their work. When we come across the aforementioned, many of us here at SwanoDown smile just as hard as Ron Robinson in the photo above. 

On Robinson's debut single, Don't Bring No Suitcase, you get a taste of several genres, including: Rnb lyricism, a Hip-Hop verse, and Latin-influenced guitar. While listening, you hear a distinct sense of confidence in the singing. It's vulnerable, yet strong, free-flowing, but purposeful. His eclectic and thought-out approach isn't surprising, being that he is a published author and Game Designer. 

In regards to the piece, Robinson stated:

"One of my best friends said to me one day, “Ronald, you’re always writing those love songs, why don’t you write a song for the fellows?” “I said OK. I’ll write a song for the fellows!!” One day I was listening to the radio and Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable” came on. A Women’s Anthem. Telling guys you can be REPLACED! It was then that I decided to write a song with an Anthem meaning for the guys!"

Though this piece was written "for the fellas," you don't have to be a fellow to get up off your feet and dance to this joint. The story is easy to follow, and can stir up some passion for a fun night on the town, or a long car ride to your next destination. 

Check it out:

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