Dr. Alams x LazzyBoi x Vince- My Dear

Written by Grayson Jones

Today, I took lessons and notes from Dr. Alams’ My Dear. On this track I was introduced to a more gritty production of Afro-pop. From my experience, I learned that popular music must be relatable. My Dear, is a "cat-calling" itinerary from the initial “Excuse me my Dear” to wherever that leads to. The piece captures well spoken commercial lyrics, seductive tonal qualities, and the patent pulsation inundated with the sweet sounds of the Motherland. 

The features chosen here added varying enticing elements to each verse. One thing I admire about Dr. Alams is how he uses his diversity to explore a range of different accent combinations. Living in the U.K and Nigeria made the end product you get to hear. When I first heard the chorus I had no clue what he was saying. I eventually figured out that he was saying, “My Dear” but articulated differently. This at first was was confusing, but it makes for such a fire hook, the phrase grew on me. 

Dr. Alams, LazzyBoi, and Vince, are just a small piece to the larger body of work. The album in which this stems from is called, Melody King, with over 200,000 streams across all platforms. The Melody King himself has built a fanbase for his tropic vocals. Check out, My Dear, out now on all major platforms.

Check it out:

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