dreamboy mac- gameboy (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen 

An electric artist by the name of dreamboy mac is taking us back with his single “gameboy.” 

The track incorporates retro sounds and sounds that are reminiscent of audio from the actual gameboy system. “gameboy” definitely sounds nostalgic, dreamboy told us that he is a cheesy nostalgic who was raised in a karaoke machine. His vocals throughout the track are airy and layered, which also made the song feel like a throwback. 

On Instagram, dreamboy actually explained that “gameboy” is the product of a “four month long ‘self directed’ boot camp” where he learned how to write, arrange, and produce music in a short period of time. The lyrics to “gameboy” really help us understand the background of dreamboy’s sound and what he was craving from his partner. “Only you can make me feel this way, memories are coming like its yesterday, love me like I’m still the same boy.” The lyrics also trigger us to think of the simpler times in our own love life.
The cover art to this single is also not to be overlooked! I would love to see a visual come to life.

Make sure you add “gameboy” by dreamboy Mac to your retro-pop playlist.

Check it out: 


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