Drew Schueler- Can't Say (Word Like That) [Track Review]

Written by Miles Monroe II

Once it’s out, Can’t take it Back

Drew Schueler might have summed up what today’s generation's love life is... or lack thereof. On, Can’t Say (Word Like That), Drew describes all the details of a relationship without reaching that crucial milestone. You’ll definitely want to put this song on any playlist you have, based on the song’s honesty.

Schueler curates a relatable song, devoid of giving the audience the runaround. He gets to the crux of the issue at hand, which begs the question, “Are people truly falling in love or are we settling?” Not too many songs, especially a club ready track, make you think about the trials and tribulations of dating in 2020.

We sympathize with you Drew, it’s hard holding back on certain impulses, such as expressing those four letters. These are the types of moments that make music such a universal language.

You can sing along to Can’t Say (Word Like That) and be in your feels at the same time, the perfect balance.

So I’m gonna play it cool, don’t wanna scare you

This is one of my favorite lines from the song, there's so much power in that one line because it’s true. Playing it cool has become the norm for guys and girls, afraid that our emotions will ruin a good thing. It plays both sides of the fence, some of us are living in the moment and don’t want to mess things up by getting attached.

Either way, Drew, you have gifted us with an experience, not just a song.

Drew Schueler- Can't Say (Spotify) 


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