Drumkoon- Climate Change (SwanoDown Report)

Written by Drumkoon

The music industry, particularly touring, has a huge carbon footprint.

What role does music play towards a net-zero carbon future and decarbonized economy?

For myself, as a maestro composer of the world’s biggest (800+) catalog of Handpan and Steel tongue drum music, I decided to make some radical carbon-conscious changes.

Firstly I will forgo all touring. Why? In large part to avoid carbon emissions. That also means I forgo potential huge revenue streams from touring.

At the moment, I only get revenue from streaming, and the rates per stream are so low, I would need millions of streams to earn minimum wage.

However, the poor streaming rates do not deter me from contributing to a net-zero carbon future.

I am also releasing CLIMATE ACTION Album on 06/02/2021, Inspired by Climeworks, a Direct Air Capture carbon technology firm.

I have also released the CLIMATE CHANGE Album, inspired by Greta Thunberg and the Friday’s For Future movement. You are welcome to listen to it here:


If you can stream the music on Apple Music and Amazon Music, that would also be fantastic because I get better rates per stream on those platforms.

These are my contributions as a music composer to a net-zero carbon future. What are you doing towards that goal?

My artist name is Drumkoon at Drumkoon.com. Follow on Instagram and Twitter.

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