Duckwrth- Birthday Suit (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen

It doesn’t have to be your birthday for you to get down in your birthday suit, and Duckwrth has made the perfect dance hit to describe just why! I’m talking about his newest single “Birthday Suit” featuring Rayana Jay. I can’t help but call this single funky, this track has sounds derived from many genres but what stands out to me is the disco aspects with hip hop influences. I don’t know about you, but that’s a combination sure to get me moving. This is a dance song fit for any grown and sexy event. If unapologetic was a person it would be Duckwrth. The first line in the hook is “Meet me in my birthday suit, this ain’t Gucci nah this way more cute.” You have to respect the boldness of his lyrics and the creative execution. From the cover art it may be safe to say Duckwrth is baring it all.

Duckwrth is an artist from Los Angeles with undeniable magnetism and versatility. If you would like to hear more from him, I suggest listening to his last project as well called “Super Good” which we actually got to interview him about back in September of 2020. He is an artist we continue to enjoy and you will as well! Make sure you add “Birthday Suit” to your favorite dance playlist and whip out your best moves!

Check it out:

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