Duwendé- Little Bit of This (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

Energy bleeds through music inevitably. Duwendé is the group behind, Little bit of this

The track is produced with funk in mind. Holding down a pocket for the vocal hook is the bread and butter of this piece. The male chorus dropped back for the lead vocals to come in beautifully. The next voice you hear there exhibits potential. Similar to Bruno Mars, this male vocal comes crispy clean and is not afraid to explore the ranges- within key. 

This song lacks a great amount of originality which makes the performance more impressive, due to expectation. These verses are the type of rap that can be used out of context to the song, “baby, let’s catch a vibe.” The commonality of a little bit of this and real life scenarios give a commercial feel. 

Production wise, the overall mixing and mastering sounds proficient. Duwende has a style of male artistry that can be boring, if their creativity and modern style of song structure wasn’t so prominent. Another aspect that can be appreciated is, the volume control in the lead singer’s verses. The artist can sing soft enough that you are naturally drawn into each syllable but will not break the dynamics of his words. Overall, this piece of music is great for partying, exercise, or even just to feel good. Next time you find yourself looking for that funky excitement in your day, try a little bit of this. 

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