Dylan Dunlap- Follow My Echo (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello 

Dylan Dunlap is a name that you might not be familiar with now, but you will certainly know who he is in the coming months to a year. With an impressive following of 18,000 Instagram followers and a shiny blue checkmark, he’s definitely doing something right. However, it’s not his impressive social media following that leads to his admirability and happy-go-lucky music style. “Follow My Echo” is one of Dylan Dunlap’s most recent releases, and it just might be my favorite song of 2021.

With almost 100,000 streams, it’s no surprise to see that fans from all over are loving what Dylan is creating. Once I heard the tune and his voice for the first time, I “raided” his Spotify and added all of his songs to one of my “chiller” playlists. Dylan Dunlap has an incredible voice and an incredible message in his music that can only be discovered by listening for yourself.

Personally, I cannot move past how much I like Dylan Dunlap, from both his personality and sheer, raw talent. If you want to hear the best artist of 2021, I strongly recommend you check out Dylan Dunlap for yourself, available on every major streaming platform.

Take a Listen: 


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