Dylan Dunlap- Seriously (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

Photo by Tim Toda

When you are laser-focused on attaining a goal or accomplishing a mission, nothing will distract you from reaching that said goal. Being consumed with being successful cuts off any type of fun, in turn, you take yourself too seriously. Maybe taking yourself seriously isn’t such a bad thing. Dylan Dunlap tries to write his wrongs, on his track, Seriously. Letting work consume your every day life can have a major impact on your mental health- once you reach a level of success. The way you make it to the top is a stark contrast from others, which begs the question of whether you took the right path or not.

Seriously takes a look back at the road traveled and the many regrets one might have. You automatically feel a sense of reflection; savoring achievements tend to get put on the back burner. Sonically, Dylan captures the sound of motivational pop music. This song will connect with people and encourage them to be themselves in order to reach higher heights in their career. Dylan is unraveling his truth for the audience to see and isn’t afraid to do so.

This a message to embrace who we truly are and never let an image be defined as the only option. You have to make it your way and live with it. 

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