E-Los– Too Late (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

Not being able to change an unwanted result in time is never ideal,  but unfortunately those kinds of things happen in life. On the bright side, tomorrow is always another day to be more aware, and learn from your past experiences. With his song Too Late, E-Los drops some major gems and teaches his audience how to have a different view on life. Our insecurities often cause us to psych ourselves out of accepting good things into our lives. When this happens, we can miss out on life-changing opportunities. E-Los delves into this topic as it corresponds with relationships. He describes a relationship that is seemingly perfect.The details he includes kind of remind me of Instagram relationships that we would normally consider “goals.” However, behind this façade, we find the ugly truth about creeping with someone else.

Trying to entertain two different women is difficult. It’s something that not many can handle. His visualization of the events that have occurred is so vivid that you root for him to fail. I think that’s the message he wants to convey, though. The way he was living wasn’t the best, and now he’s paying for it. Overall, the vibe on E-Los’ Too Late definitely stands out. Click the link below to listen!


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