Earl Hondo- The Vibe [Video Critique]

Critiqued by Lukey Lenz

Life can flip like a coin at any second. One moment you’re hanging out with your girlfriend and the next some comically thuggish, bad guys are abducting her and stealing your buddy’s phone. This drives both Earl Hondo, the artist of the song the vibe, and the Unnamed Protagonist on a journey to retrieve the missing girlfriend.

In the track, Earl talks about honing in on happiness and achieving a fullness that cannot be “repoed.” This is evident as he plays a small role in saving the captured girl. He serves more as a character who sits on your shoulder and guides you along your path. We see this when they initially set off to follow the bad guys and get the girl, Hondo beckoning the Unnamed Protagonist to the car and ending up in the backseat like he’s in an Uber. We again see this trend while Earl raps and the protagonist is knocking out villains in the background. 

In a turn of events, the damsel in distress emerges as a fully capable combatant, wielding a sword and cutting down enemies to finally be reunited with her party. Hondo wipes off his bloody phone and the three all return to the bar where they had started. 

There are some surprises to be discovered in the track and video that I implore you all to check out!

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