Ebhoni- X-Ting (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

People have a love/hate relationship with their ex hitting their line. Some are attracted to the toxicity and others would rather be done with the past. Toxic love is becoming more prevalent in this social media era. In Ebhoni’s new single, X-Ting, she tells the story of an ex that won’t let go, a storyline that many women can relate to. Men are dogs, and we tend to mess up a good thing when we have it. We haven’t changed at all. While there are a few good men, they aren’t always chosen the first time around. 

Ebhoni does an exceptional job of describing how an ex can be too clingy after the breakup. She gives us those lyrics that accurately explain all the wrong that men do.  Unlike a lot of artists, Ebhoni goes in-depth on the subject of cheating. She makes sure we feel her pain and understand that it’s time for him to let go. Sonically, it’s a feel-good record that highlights the fact that she is the prize. All women should feel like they are the prize at all times, especially after dealing with infidelity. Overall, I loved the vibes and the expressive nature of Ebhoni on X-Ting. Check it out with the link below:


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