EerieG (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright

Being in the background is easy. Blending into a crowd may be even easier. Have you ever sang in a choir? If not, let me give you some insight. Now, don't get me wrong, singing the right notes, and performing at the right level of inflection is key to the choir's success. But- in sll honesty, if it's massive enough, an individual's mistake may not make that much of a difference in the grandscheme of the sound. Though, on the contrary, if you are that bold soloist who takes the microphone while the choir quiets down— all eyes are on you, and the good, along with the bad are immensely highlighted. 

So when I listen to "Swish" by EerieG, it's hard to not respect his engineering style, and increasingly high levels of confidence. EerieG makes it evident that the track is HIS and HIS only. The instrumental doesn't influence him, he molds the direction of the instrumental. EerieG's voice is completely on top of the track, and there isn't any place for him to hide. And why should there be? This guy's bars are witty, unapologetic, and enticing.

"Yeah bitch when I ball, I always make a swish."

"When I play 2k, yeah you know it's all greens." 

EerieG's approach is raw, genuine, and self-assured. If there's one thing evident, it's EerieG's dedication and commitment to his sound. 

Take a Listen:

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