Ehcli- Dwade Freestyle (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Miles Monroe II

Unlike the title, Dwade Freestyle, we get some dark sky paradise vibes from Ehcli. He really starts to turn things up as he comes in for his verse. His flows come at breakneck pace, which will have you bobbing your head at the 15 second mark. From then on, he’s on a roll that cannot be stopped. The track stands out because he has that IDGAF attitude and is saying whatever he wants. I can respect that from an artist, especially when he is doing it his way.

Even as a freestyle, not too many people are going to say what’s on their mind and have it sound clear–while managing to stay on beat. There were no stops in between bars or any mess ups that can happen in a freestyle. The bars are reckless, but enjoyable and filled with humor to keep the audience engaged in the lyrics. It’s definitely NSFW, but once you’re in a car or at home, it’s turn up time with Echli. 

Dwade Freestyle by Ehcli:

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