Ejhanai- Everlasting (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Miles Monroe ii

I can honestly say, when you are in love with someone and every gesture is kind hearted and thoughtful, a warm feeling across your body will follow soon after.
Everlasting by Ejhanai creates the exact same feeling when you play it from start to finish. She captures the essence of that warm sensation, putting you in your feelings about the one you love.

This is Ejhanai’s first solo single in a year and it shouldn’t be the last we hear from her. Her lyrics are genuine and have a sense of realism to them as well. Ejhanai is explaining how you feel about your boyfriend/girlfriend and you don’t even know it. Her songwriting ability is uncanny and notable for being very descriptive while simultaneously unapologetic.

And I ain’t trippin on ya old chicks 

Cause I can make you forget em

If I can speak on the truth, can’t nobody love you like I do

Her sheer confidence oozes out in every line that is sung on this track, matching her powerful voice as well. I'm looking forward to seeing what else Ejhanai has coming down the pipeline. Whether it’s another single or a full project, the world is waiting. 

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