Elisabeth Hoekstra: Bio-Hack Your Best Life (Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright

This may or may not surprise some, but human beings are not wired to multi-task. In fact, studies show that “the human brain cannot perform two tasks that require high-level brain function at once. Low-level functions like breathing and pumping blood aren't considered in multitasking. Only the tasks you have to "think" about are considered. What actually happens when you think you are multitasking is that you are rapidly switching between tasks.” So, when people like Elisabeth Hoekstra take on several skilled tasks or even better- professions, it’s that much more exceptional when they find success.

Elisabeth Hoekstra is the director of 4biddenknowledge Inc, and also hosts a podcast series called Bio-Hack your best life. The series is co-hosted by Billy Carson, President and CEO of 4biddenknowledge. Though, before her current endeavor, Hoekstra began her career in the entertainment business as a model and actress, having been featured in major music videos, tv shows, and movies. Now, Hoekstara has shifted her focus to helping others optimize their environment, body, mind, and spirit via bio-hacking. She also discusses sexual health with her viewers during her monthly podcast, Bio-Hack Your $ex-life.

“Biohacking can be described as citizen or do-it-yourself biology. For many ‘biohackers,’ this consists of making small, incremental diet or lifestyle changes to make small improvements in your health and well-being. Biohacks promise anything from quick weight loss to enhanced brain function. But the best biohacking results come from being well-informed and cautious about what works for your body,” According to Healthline.

Recently, Hoekstra had contracted COVID-19, or what she calls “the sickness”. During one of her latest podcasts, co-host Billy Carson described Hoekstra’s experience as being “near death”. To say the least, Hoesktra was fortunate to already know several practices in order to improve her well being and decrease her intense symptoms.

“...It took a really big toll on my body, and I got down. I'm usually about 115; I got down to 94 pounds. So I really lost a ton of weight. So I looked crazy, but I couldn't even walk three feet without having to sit down, so it was really difficult. But I am glad I had my tools, my technologies with me, and also to rehabilitate myself afterward. Because I lost my taste and my smell, and fortunately enough, I have brain training, so I brain trained myself, and after the third session, my taste was fully back. I was using my grounding patches the whole time I was sick, and then afterward as well, I was using my grounding patches,” Hoekstra told SwanoDown during a live interview.

While listening to Hoekstra, it becomes clear that you’re watching someone deeply immersed in their studies and craft. When she speaks, none of her statements or responses are “surface level.” She clearly delivers a why for every what. Her undeviating dedication to her craft and knowledge isn’t just for the sake of herself, but also her evident desire to improve the life of those who may not have the same awareness/direction in her field. She’s seemingly always had a genuine passion for helping others.

In 2017, after having record breaking achievements as a real estate agent, Hoekstra used her political connections to bring awareness to the toxic substances in Detroit’s school buildings and water. She explained that Detroit water is worse than that of Flint, Michigan. Flint has infamously had a water crisis. “Detroit has been the same way, if not worse, but swept under the rug. So that's really what opened my mind up, and I was like, hold on- wait a minute- you said Detroit water is worse than Flint's, and no one knows about this?” Said Hoekstra.

“Because Detroit is such an old infrastructure, things were built way before [1978]. So full of lead-based paint, full of asbestos, full of lead in the water, fluoride in the water, all of these things, these toxins, these toxic lights. I mean led lights, all of these things are neurotoxins, they affect your mind, they affect the way that you think .So how can we expect children that are coming from most likely a toxic home, straight to a toxic school, drinking toxic water, probably eating toxic food because you can't even find clean food anymore these days in America?” Hoekstra exclaimed.

“So how do you expect these kids to thrive and succeed, it doesn't make sense, and they won't, and it's because of all of the things in their environment that they have to deal with on a daily basis, and so it's bullshit, and it's not okay,” She added. To no surprise, Hoekstra explained that people who are advocates such as herself are an anomaly, and facetiously laughed while saying she looks to make change as she becomes more powerful.

SwanoDown did some research on Bio-hacking, and those who practice it. We found several examples of people with exceedingly high economic resources being the beneficiaries. An article from Forbes reads: “Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, one of the world’s most famous and influential biohackers, endorses intermittent fasting, reportedly eating only one meal a day and fasting completely every week. Intermittent fasting is a common type of low-tech biohacking.” However, Hoekstra strives to reach minorities with the same messages, and opportunities.

“I've noticed that the biohacking community is usually your average middle-aged white man, right? So those are biohackers. That's where biohacking is very popular in that type of culture,” Hoekstra explained.

My intent with all of this was to really bring it to the minority community, because honestly, I want people to feel better and to know they can go through things, and do things to make themselves feel better and optimize themselves… In California, a place such as a biohacking facility that you can attend and go to and do all these technologies, and do all these things, costs $3,500 a month. So that's kind of outside the realm of a lot of the main population of America. I want to bring it to people that actually need it, and don't want to just be optimal, but need it because they're stressed out, they're depressed, they're stuffed up with trauma, they're reactive, I want you to help those people,” Said Hoekstra. 

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