Elite Counseling: Agata Dominika (Report)

Reported by SwanoDown

Maintaining a healthy relationship is tough. Between coping with your own internal issues and helping others maintain theirs, it becomes more difficult when other external pressures are added. It's always good to have someone you love in your corner and operating at a cohesive level, but oftentimes people will seek out a relationship to remedy their loneliness or emptiness. It is detrimental to seek others to fix their problems as true healing and completeness begins with identifying who they are as a person and self acceptance.

Agata Dominika is the Elite Counsellor and specializes in personal and relationship counseling- understanding what it takes to have a relationship that is complementary and beneficial. In addition to this, she recognizes the importance of her work. Building strong social and interactive skills furthers the quality of life along with relationships. She is passionate about her work because of the impact her private counseling has. Dominika’s main goals are to see to it that clients separate themselves from unhealthy relationships and strengthen weakened areas of relationships that are declining. 

Having her clients express specific problems that they do not want to experience again helps Dominika use proven methods to work towards resolving those issues. When people are connected, especially for extended periods of time, giving up on them or just leaving does not give you a satisfying feeling. Many couples do want their connections to stick, but just don't know how. On her website there is a short guide to quantify the necessity for counseling. These are some of the listed criteria I found to be most important:

  • You feel unhappy being single/feeling lonely in relationship
  • You feel someone is using you and your feelings
  • You wanna make someone happy but you don’t know how
Agata Dominika has been counseling for about 5 years to this point and during that time she has had her own thriving relationship and has become a mother in the process. It is crucial to have someone that understands and has experienced what goes on in a long-term relationship. Dominika looks forward to speaking to those in need of personal and relationship counseling.

Visit her website
https://www.elitecounsellor.com/ for more information and to book a session!

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