Ella Jet- "Delicate" (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

Ella Jet knows what will complement her voice well and her latest song is just an extension of her brilliance.

Delicate is a slow burn pop song that has a heavy focus on its lyrics. As the song progresses, the instrumental picks up and brings a carefree dance vibe along with a west coast draw. I’m a big fan of music that requires you to listen to the lyrical content, but can also make you move effortlessly like a paper bag in the wind.

Ella accomplishes the aforementioned on Delicate, which is why she describes this song as the type of song you hear on the beach town radio as you’re dancing barefoot in the sand. She’s high key advising you to loosen up and not be in a uproar after being told the truth about themselves. Some people can take criticism to the heart and only hear the negative side when it’s constructive. She only wants someone to be as honest with her as she is with them- without being hypercritical. This is a very common issue that doesn’t get talked about enough.

I suggest everyone go check out Ella Jet and listen to her new single,


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