Ryan Rickenbach- Emily (Track Review)


Written by Miles Monroe II 

“Emily” is officially being added to the list of names we use for females that are filled with potential, yet so naive.

One of my favorite shows ever is Californication, a tale of a writer who navigates through life in the city of Angels. Emily reminds me of this show, because of the rock influence… and the fact that we see the best in people who refuse to see it in themselves. 

Ryan Rickenbach impresses with his second single of 2020. Not only does his songwriting ability shine on Emily, the instrumentation illuminates every word, making the song catchy and witty. My favorite line comes at the very beginning:

Time is a Bastard

Time is a thief

I know we have all felt this, whether we are working a 9-5 job or letting someone waste our time. We must live in the moment and leave nothing to chance. Ryan sees that time is being wasted without having an Emily to enjoy life with. Even though he knows she may be a devil in a red dress, that’s where his desires lie. The swagger that Ryan possesses on this song is felt around the 2:16 mark. He’s braggadocious and I enjoyed every second of it. Sometimes, you have to let people know where the drip came from. You elevate whoever you’re with, not the other way around.

Check out Emily by Ryan Rickenbach: 


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