Emily Sage- Cold Moon By The Sea (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

The gem from 1988 is called Cold Moon by the Sea. The remix you need to hear is from Emily Sage. This artist is as pure as they come. Brilliant, soft spoken, and vocally conforming.according to her spotify, Emily has  740 thousand streams in the year of 2020. What is it that makes her so damn good? The calm crisp tone of her voice? The way she can pronounce words with no hesitation and they come out in one long beautiful tone?  

Perhaps all of those have their fair share in what makes her so talented. For right now,  we appreciate her just for sending this piece in. This style of music calls for someone like Emily, she delivers without missing a beat. Across an acoustic piano, Emily maneuvers through complex pitches and accidentals  in this warm- felt ballad. 

The best part of this song is its theme. Christmas stockings over an open fire, hot chocolate and family are some things that come to mind while listening to Cold Moon by Sea. Similar to the tonal pattern Dean Martin or frank Sinatra takes, Emily will find herself in many genres given her understanding of style and accurate depiction of this era. Loads of potential here for such a young artist. Cold Moon by The Sea out now! 

Take a Listen: 


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