Flõstate- Time (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

As stated in the name of the song, it’s almost as if we are trapped in Time when listening to Flõstate. Airy vocals over the new type of R&B/Trap infused beat, taking us on a slow winding trip down the path of relationships, examining how far one may be willing to go in an effort to preserve it...

Time is of the essence, that’s the old saying, right? We hear it everywhere we go because it’s a precious gift that is taken for granted. Even in relationships, it’s more crucial because momentum stops and starts back up, which creates staleness and distancing of one another. Flõstate brings the vibes with this song and her soft voice along with extension of vowels and syllables showcases her ability to command our attention.

Time is devoid of dense lyrics, yet it didn’t call for those specifically. There are certain lines that grabbed my attention after a couple of listens.

I could be with you day in and day out

If you’d touch my soul and my skin

It’s almost as if she’s giving herself up to a significant other, hoping whoever the person is, follows suit. That’s a gamble not too many people win. It’s better to take the shot and miss than not take the shot at all.

Time is a great piece from Flõstate, and I look forward to more tunes from her. 

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