Eric Leon ft. Dre- Stunt on Ya Ex (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

There's something about those damn flutes, they get me every time. Stunt On Ya Ex (Feat. Dre) is a heater from Eric Leon, a song females can stunt on their Ex to. Who doesn’t love to stunt on their Ex; it’s an art that's mastered after going through a tumultuous relationship. There is always that one Ex that has to know about your new relationship, job or any new found joy in life that is worth talking about.

Eric gives us the boastful rap that’s for the females- because, honestly, women are more prone to showing off a new dude to make an ex jealous. They are the queens of glowing up after being in a bad relationship. We all saw what happened in “Why did I get married?," Jill Scott found a good dude and started living her best life. This song is the epitome of living your best life and flexing on an Ex, if need be.

“Shawty a lil Saweetie

But she not my type” - Eric Leon

Even caramel sundaes is getting touched” - Dre

Not to get it twisted, Eric and Dre came with the bars as well. We get a Saweetie reference as well as a Raekwon reference from his classic album, Only Built 4 the Cuban Linx. I like little intricacies when rappers go back to a certain era such as the Golden years of hip hop. That shows an appreciation for the respective time periods and the knowledge of the artists. Overall, Stunt On Ya Ex, is a solid party record that is bound to gain attention. 

Check it out:

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