Erik Frank- Let Go of You (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello 

Does anyone else feel like the year 2021 is just flying by? It’s truly crazy to think that we’re already almost halfway through the month of May this year. While some of us have been using this time to study, work from home, or learn a new skill, others have been taking this time to master their craft. One of these craft masters is an extremely talented musician by the name of Erik Frank.

Erik Frank is an artist with a ton of potential. While his skills are defined through his persona and music, one song appears to stand out amongst all of them. “Let Go of You” is a recent release from Erik Frank, and possibly one of his best as well. When I first listened to the track, I had to replay it twice more to fully grasp just how in tune I was with his sound and raw talent. My favorite thing about Erik Frank is his ability to fit the vibe of any scene. It doesn’t matter if I’m sitting down to get some work done or jamming in my car on the way to see some friends. Either way, I feel like I can become one with the melody of Erik Frank’s songs, especially Let Go of You.

One thing that resonates well with “Let Go of You” is a quote: “I need to give up the ghost.” This quote was provided by Erik Frank himself, which really opens your mind to the deeper meaning behind such a tremendous song. If you’re looking to learn more about Erik Frank, be sure to give him a listen on Spotify, which I’ve taken a moment to link below:

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