Euro Money (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by SwanoDown

EURO MONEY was born in Prishtina, Kosovo, but spent the last couple of years in Seattle, Washington. What I like about him is that he openly acknowledges that he is inspired by both East Coast and West Coast music. One of EUROMONEY’s stand-out song, “Been On,” will show you what he’s all about.

Making all different kinds of music with an upbeat energy on each song. You could consider it club music.. but not that 2007 old Flo Rida type stuff. This has a new wave to it.

“Been On” features some very interesting vibes. For starters, the song is powered by a beat that is just as bouncy as it is electrifying. It also features hypnotizing melodies, explosive raps, and lyrics that will resonate with anyone that is a savage in clubs, a demon in bedrooms, and someone that turns up every chance they get at parties.

Listen to “Been On” below.

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