Eva Constance (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Grayson Jones

Chanteuse Green, an exciting Singer-songwriter, known professionally as, Eva Constance, is making a comeback to the music industry. What has emerged from an inspiring story, is music with immediate recognition. The new single, Tangler, is a commercial pulse that anyone can step to. Eva has been singing for years in a choir at her church but did not fully manifest her talents until later in life. Then came Selfish, which paved a lane for her rise as an artist. Her songwriting has developed into a writer for imagery and desire. When I listen to Eva I hear intimate music put on bright and upbeat melodies. 

Her riveting hit single selfish developed to 169,000 streams and about 20,000 listeners.

Wondering what is coming next?

Eva has taken advantage of her earlier head start writing songs since she was 12. She took some years off, but here in 2021 is making her mark. With ears in 79 countries under her aura, this vocalist will be growing exponentially. Keep up to date with her new single, All Mine,  which is set to be dropping in May 2021! Don’t be stiff, loosen up! Check out, Tangler, out now!

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