Eva Snyder- Transparent (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

Mia might need to hang out with me once COVID is over, so we can leave the past in the past. They can’t rain down on our parade when we’re trying to have a good time. She’s as honest as the title of the song. and I have no doubt that people will relate to it. "Transparent" by Eva Snyder, summarizes what it is like to be honest in a relationship and the effect that it has. It depends on the types of honesty you choose to show, because it can always be to a fault or but withholding different truths.

When it comes to talking about an ex, there might be some truth to still being in love with that person. Another reality of talking about an ex too much is the fact that they were in the wrong and the recovery process is taking longer than expected. Either way, we get the feeling of the latter from Eva as she unequivocally shells out her truth, not looking for acceptance, but for understanding. Shit, talking about her ex drives her drink a bit too much. We’ve all been there, and Eva has tapped into a part of our psyche that we try not to tap into. I encourage all to take a listen to "Transparent" and relinquish all the harboring feelings that are still for an ex. It’s time to live your best life with no distractions holding you back.

Take a listen: 



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