“F**k Boys Get Money” Has izye Create a Life Ethos with Ease [SwanoDown Report]

izye, the 21-year-old singer-songwriter, is making waves in the music industry with her unique blend of trap-hop and R&B. Drawing inspiration from Ariana Grande, Tinashe, and Kehlani, she brings a fresh perspective to the musicscape. Her sophisticated artistic references and captivating sound have earned her a devoted following. There's nobody else quite like izye.

izye offers a duality on the glimmering tones of the shiny hyperactivity of the playful “Fuck Boys Get Money.” Even the title can be interpreted in several ways – in one; it could be women forsaking men; in another, it could offer a message of encouragement to fuck boys everywhere to obtain cold hard cash. Whatever the ultimate statement, the undeniable truth is that the songs feature infectious hooks, with a hint of surrealism and dreamy-eyed glow-ups adding to the inherent beauty. Production sparkles, with melodies gracing every piece, allowing for a surprisingly full-bodied affair. 

A slow-moving, haunted groove stutters forward on the ominous opener, “bad 4 me.” Bass becomes unwieldy on the massive “pattycakes,” complete with distorted, treated, untreated vocals to make things unhinged. Easily the highlight, the track has a ferocity that refuses to let up. With “drip,” the song has a lighter-than-air disposition, thanks to the ability to incorporate the field recording of a drop of water to bring the point home further. Snares, bombastic beats, and beautiful soaring vocals combine with “your girl.” The sense of origami takes shape from the dexterity of “fwmf,” giving it a modern edge, to the acronym title. Heavy chords radiate throughout the expansive elegance of “tiramisu (feat. Brooke Amor).” Closing the collection off with a reflective stance, letting the live presence of the song embellish a sense of arena-filling togetherness. 

“Fuck Boys Get Money” features the easy-going poetry that izye quickly presents.

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