Fabián dos Rios- Le Petit Prince (Track Review)

Written by Tyler Akles

Fabián dos Rios’ “Le Petit Prince” is an absolutely beautiful piano. Not only does the piece do an incredible job of setting an atmosphere within its realm, 
“Le Petit Prince” delivers both a somber and hopeful tone. Though lyric-less, I appreciated how well it told a story, just how the book “Le Petit Prince” written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry told a story. While I listened to this piece, I noticed that Fabián dos Rios may have been inspired by neoclassical composers before him. The emphasis on rhythm and color through symmetry gave me the same feeling of pieces I’ve heard from composers like Igor Stravinsky. Compositions such as these deliver a tone of simplicity but can communicate complex emotional features very clearly.

The piano work is very soft and ranges throughout, dynamically conveying different emotions. The gradual push and pull of the piece gave me feelings of waves in the ocean and how they seem to push forward and subside, much like “Le Petit Prince”. Fabián dos Rios engineered a beautiful piece of art, and I would love to hear more works from the Spanish composer.

Take a listen:

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