Fabled Kari- Clementine (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

Karina Harris, also known as Fabled Kari, is a rising artist who’s taken a powerful step forward in her musical prowess. The single released we're taking a look at today is titled, Clementine. The song plays as a moment between harmony and rap to self reflect on the realistic lifestyle Kari experiences and the goals she aspires to live up to.

Throughout the lyrics, Kari is very touching, explaining the love that music and the grind already bring her.  Kari shows a level of consciousness and self-awareness throughout her lyrics that bring powerful punches in her literature. As simple as a Clementine being sweeter and smaller than an orange, Kari makes great music through experience and her ability to share emotion concisely.

The production has its own character, which gives the song a playful-esque harmony. More importantly, the lyrics are not mucked up from any part of the instrumentation.  The reality of conscious rap is that most who listen to it already know where they need to be. The discipline to do it is the challenge. The inspiring form of music Fabled Kari brings to the youth is more important than any sales or review this song will come across. The soul of this music is a morale boost for the puerile children that are flooded with derogatory rap. Free your mind with the refreshing burst of conscious rap from Clementine. Out now!

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  • Iris Layne

    I’m very proud of you keep the good work. You are a inspiration for us we love you.


    Love your music. You’re an inspiration to the youth. Very proud of you. Your biggest fan Loves you. Blessings. 🙏🏽

  • Femia Rasul

    I love it. Good luck Kari. We love you.

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