Feast at the Sneaker Kiitchen (Report)

Reported by Lucas "Lukey Lenz" Ballard

In the last few years the sneaker game has changed significantly. Whereas in years prior to 2017, it was hard to get popular releases like Jordans. It’s been even harder in the years to come. With the emergence of sites like StockX, Goat, and the iconic Flight Club, normal stores have seen less and less in terms of limited sneaker releases. These sites can almost guarantee you can get the shoe, but at an after market price. The Nike SNKRS app has also been one of the main places in which people try their luck in obtaining more coveted releases. Nowadays, your best bet is to find a consistent sneaker plug. These sellers are the ones dedicated to getting their hands on multiple pairs to disperse to the community. That’s where Sneaker Kiitchen comes in.

Justin Melnichuk is 16 years old and the owner of Sneaker Kiitchen, formerly (Velocity Kix and Washed Kix). Over the last year his business sold to hundreds of customers, delivering them rare or less common shoes along with other accessories. Dunks have been really popular lately and he sells a lot of them. Some are just general colorways but he also has access to rarer models such as the Cactus Jack, Grateful Dead, Off-White, and Supreme iterations of the silhouette. Air Jordan 1’s are also another popular shoe he sells, having sold a few different pairs of the game changing Off-White 1 that was released in March of 2018. His brand also has leveraged other paraphernalia that goes hand in hand with popular culture. Designer apparel such as Louis Vuitton wallets, collaborations such as Travis Scott x McDonald’s, and even PlayStation 5’s are all items his brand has acquired and resold to customers. 

His brand is steadily growing and having sold to influential people like Jake Paul, Julian Newman, and Marcelas Howard, has all but guaranteed his name being spread through his quality of work. If you need some new kicks or other hard to obtain items check out Sneaker Kiitchen’s Instagram page @sneakerkiitchen.

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