FEYI- Toxic (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

Toxic -  an adjective usually used to describe a very negative person, in this case an ex. FEYI is a female vocalist with pensive detail of her past love life. In this single, Toxic, we dive into a realm of Hip-Hop and R&B with some well-deserved ego in mind. From the top, I understand that FEYI understands her value when it comes to relationships. “You was f****** with a limited edition, now it’s general admission.” It’s not about me, but damn, that hurt. 

With cuffing season around the corner, music like this has a high demand and it’s not easy to make. Capturing the reasoning behind leaving someone behind takes being ahead. Coping with reality that a person is not good for you is a form of self-care that is preached in this particular sub-genre of R&B. Since there are so many of its kind, creating a track that has listeners screaming your lyrics like a spiritual, takes experience. Coupled with the youth I hear from FEYI, the inevitability of her success is known to those who get to hear her early. 

I say this loosely- Treat FEYI like you would a share in stocks, it’s always better to admire her music before the crowd gets to her. If this song isn't the one that gets you to sing in the car, check out some of her other hits, Finer Things, F@%& With A Dime, & Kingdom. All have relatable themes and that sound we all love from her. Toxic out everywhere! 

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