Find Hope In the “Morning Light” by Canadian Indie Artist Dany Horovitz [Report]

Reported by SwanoDown

The transition between Canadian indie pop Dany Horovitz`s singles is interesting and describes an emotional rollercoaster, which portrays not only love but also heartbreak and the inevitable insecurities we're all vulnerable to face at some point in life. However, the songs point out that these insecurities are disarmed by the power of love. His forthcoming track 'Morning light' is written in a way which acoustically puts lights into a previously dark situation, both metaphorically and musically. The folk style dominating 'Morning light' gives a hopeful and traditional vibe, further contrasting the journey from the darkness to the light.

Dany has taken the music world by storm; his unique style and ability to combine genres in a thought-provoking and compelling manner is likely the reason for his growing number of followers worldwide. With his combination of musical styles, it's unlikely not to find something by Dany Horovitz which doesn't take your fancy. 

While his last single, 'Downward into the Dark', has been well received by his fans, it's needless to say that we cannot wait for the release of 'Morning light'. Not only does it round off the love story, which we've all been drawn into, but it's also the perfect example of how this devoted musician is growing from strength to strength.

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