FineAzzGiGi: Boastful & Lyrical [SwanoDown Report]

Written by Imani Wj Wright

Before I get into the meat of this piece, I want to give FineAzzGiGi a big heartfelt thank you. For years, and I mean years I’ve always had the ear to play a track and figure out if the Neptunes or Timbaland produced it. Their iconic percussion styles, and bass line grooves tend to have some similarities from my listening experience, and at times they become challenging to decipher.

Now, as I was immersed in the fiery lyrical display of FineAzzGiGi’s “Jump Off Freestyle”, I encountered the situation again. I knew either Timbaland or the Neptunes had produced this track. And, this time it was Timbalnd. As I scrolled through Wikipedia, do you know what I discover? Timbaland and Pharrel are cousins. For those of you who don’t know, Pharrel is one half of Neptunes. Life all of a sudden makes a bit more sense.

If there’s ever one thing that’s needed for me to believe and fully enjoy an artist, it’s self assurance and confidence. You can tell when someone is being disingenuous or isn’t truly invested in what they’re trying to spit on a track. That problem is nowhere near on FineAzzGiGi’s rendition of Lil Kim’s, “The Jump Off”. Whether she’s mentioning the companionship she has with her daughter, or telling that she’s superior to her competition, without a doubt you feel what GiGi is giving. GiGi even name drops the Queen B in one of her verses– showing zero fear.

“I literally just wanted to give my fans something hard for me to transition back after I took a break to have my daughter. I knew that anything I put out had to be hard for me to gain my attention back,” Said GiGi.

If it’s not already obvious, GiGi penned this track from top to bottom, no co-writers. And why would she need one? She seems to have the lyrical department in her bag. It’d be great to hear a record where she gives us a full fledged comprehensive story. That doesn’t seem to be too far fetched, considering her abilities.

GiGi’s style can get you out of your seat and nodding your head. This piece is one that you can play in your car riding down the highway, or in the club with your friends doing a vicious shoulder shake. 

Check it out:

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