Frex- Slide (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen 

Frex is waiting for us to slide over to her side in her new single “Slide”.

This alternative pop track has such an alluring feeling. She brings the charm, wit and sex appeal all in one. Frex has a voice that is airy and enticing. She uses a relaxed singing voice that takes over the track. If you pay close attention to the hook on “Slide,” her vocals are wide and there is a slight harmony that echoes throughout, which adds a mystical feeling, almost like she wants us to follow her. I also love the flow she uses in her verses– she slides into that musical pocket so smoothly. 

Lyrically, I think Frex is doing just enough for this mellowed out track. “Slide” is about persuading that special someone to come and spend time. “I wanna love you, love you, come kick it, cuddle up and get explicit baby, can you dig it?” It may require a special taste but she is saying it all with out saying too much, and we are here for it!

Frex also has a lyric video out on YouTube for “Slide” and lets just say her voice, creativity and beauty definitely set the scene. Make sure you add “Slide” by Frex into your sneaky link playlist!

Check it out:

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