From 9am-2am: Bat Boy Bankie- Think I'm In Love [Video Critique]

Critiqued by Lukey Lenz

Some songs really garner your attention immediately through the instrumental. “Think I’m in Love” introduces us to a gentlemen's club type of sound. What this means is that it sounds like the venue in which it is played is very open, boasting a relaxed, laid back, enjoyable vibe. I couldn’t help but be enthralled by the chorus on this track “I’m in love with her lil sexy ass. Yeah, I’m in love with her lil sexy ass. Expensive fragrance when she walking passed. Think I’m in love.” It’s so simple in its delivery but when you listen to this track, you can’t help but to be immersed in the nonchalant swagger Bat Boy Bankie displays.

Bankie’s track is accompanied with a video directed by Believe that features a monochromatic warehouse setting with a peculiar set design. Apart from the only real moving parts being the women that are shaking their bubbles, the “Think I’m In Love” video is fairly static. There are many mannequin heads in the foreground of the warehouse floor which I noticed is a part of Bat Boy Bankie’s punk-type style. Additionally, one of my favorite stylistic aspects are the elongated black sleeves (also seen in his other videos) he dawns while sitting atop the forklift. Throughout the video, Believe is very meticulous, using a gradual, cinematic zoom that results in a triangle of the women framing Bankie’s face in the closing shot. I enjoyed this video and song pairing as they both had such a minimalistic yet charismatic approach.

Check out Bat Boy Bankie’s “Think I’m in Love”

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