From Parys w/ Love [Episode 2]

Written by Parys Wyatt

It’s the week after Valentine’s Day. With that being said, it’s only natural that some of us may need a slight pick-me-up. Valentine’s Day can have you feeling overwhelmed, especially with the overflow of cyber PDA on social media. SO PUT YOUR HEADPHONES IN …. We bout' to vibe. As always and forever, the songs in today’s mini playlist will be introduced in the order that I felt flowed the best, as well as allowed the songs to complement each other in the process. 

Starting us off with a clean and cool intro piece is Goose Bolton, with Cat Summit. If you ever want a song that gives you no lyrics, just vibes, this might be your joint. It’s an excellent selection if you’re like me and you need music to focus, but you don’t want to get sidetracked with lyrics. Even if this isn’t the case, Cat Summit just puts you in a good headspace for no reason; something I find very appropriate for remedying any post-Valentine’s Day blues. However, the song is only two minutes long, so be prepared to hit that replay button. 

Once you’ve centered yourself with Cat Summit, The Paisley Daze’s Gold is a mustttt. A playful, feel-good, haters-gon-hate track, Gold takes you on a four-minute vacation. The smooth-as-butter transitions in the flow paired with the witty lyrics make this the perfect go-to song whenever you just need a reminder to keep doing you. Not to mention the instruments go crazy. With Gold, The Paisley Daze essentially speaks on keeping your goals in tunnel vision, and not allowing anything on the outside to interfere with your line of sight. The song really just gives a carefree energy that I’m sure we all could use a few extra doses of. 

Up next on our list, Davesocozy, Ivohé, and Lotus Flwr give us a mellow track by the name of mt. fuji. Remember Episode 1 of From Parys W/ Love, when I said Neo-Soul and Indie R&B make me feel up-close and personal with the artist? Well that energy is definitely present in this piece. For some reason, whenever I listen to this song, a river comes to mind. I’m not exactly sure how to explain that further, but once you listen to this song you’ll get exactly what I mean. With mt. fuji, Davesocozy, Ivohé, and Lotus Flwr, they seem to give the listener a personal invitation to their state of consciousness, and you’d be a fool to turn it down. 

From mt. fuji, we flow into our second instrumental, River Jasmine, by Adithya. In case you were wondering, the way most of the song titles on this list have something to do with both real and fictional places is really geeeeking me, we are forreal road tripping right now. But back to the bop at hand. River Jasmine has an eclectic array of instruments, along with some light sampling of Justin Timberlake’s My Love. At the 1:50 mark, Adithya switches up the pace of the song, a phase that lasts for a little over twenty seconds. I found that while this particular section breaks away from the smooth vibe and intensifies the energy of the song as a whole, it still fits perfectly to create one effortlessly vibrant piece. 

This list’s close-out is Freedust’s I Got Your Back, featuring Mabreeze. Giving us a flashback from the past, Freedust and Mabreeze bring 70’s/80’s funk and flavor straight to 2021. It makes you want to stop what you’re doing and find the nearest soul train line. The title of the song speaks for itself. There is absolutely no way you can have an attitude if  you have this song coming through your headphones… the fraternal message on top of the resilient base and drums takes that option away. And the incorporation of the piano?? Boy. All I’m saying is they really did their thing.

Regardless of whether you walked into a hotel room with rose petals on Valentine’s Day, or just did some self-care, these songs will have you UP (and keep you there). Check them out with the link below:

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