From Parys w/ Love [Episode 3]

Written by Parys Wyatt

Have you ever had a song tap you on your shoulder and let you know that summer is around the corner? No? Well I’m glad you’re here because Episode 3’s mini playlist will either have you missing those late-night summer links or looking for the sun. I am honestly excited as hell to write this piece because I just listened to this list  front-to-back like four times and it is full of bangers. Figured I would give you a warning beforehand. As always, the order of the songs in today’s mini playlist is the order in which they hit the best for me (you may come up with something better). 

Kicking off Episode 3’s mini playlist is Atlanta-born artist Holywatr with his single Eskimo. Holywatr’s voice glides over an even tempo to create a soothing track centered around a love that he hopes will never end. Because of  the way this song encourages the listener to slow down for a minute with its lowkey energy, Eskimo is, without a doubt, the perfect song to lay up to (Y’all know how much of a sucker I am for love songs). With the imagery and the manner in which Holywatr facilitates the silky smooth atmosphere, Eskimo makes you feel like as long as you and your person are together, nothing outside of your union matters, and that will forever make this song feel magical to me.

Up next on our list is Nikaa’s Joy, a song that honestly pumps you up to accept nothing less than what you deserve. In this work, Nikaa straight up lists out what she does and does not want from her partner. I don’t know about y’all, but saying exactly what you want can be difficult, especially if it’s said with your whole chest. I’m not sure whether it’s because confidence is just her default personality, or that she’s just TIRED, but Nikaa does this effortlessly, leaving no doubt that her feelings are not to be played with, all while fostering a tinge of hope for the future. Despite the fact that Joy is a song that you will most likely swing your feet to, you can still hear the sincerity in Nikaa’s voice. The rawness  of the vocals and acoustics pairs well with the relatable message, and makes for a track that is palatable and more-than replay-worthy.

Third on our mini playlist is Home, a creation by Amsterdam and Normandie-based artist Reinder van Zalk, aka KLAZ. Giving us Neo-Soul with a Jazz-like backdrop, KLAZ’s Home carries with it a  smooth and invigorating vibe that makes you want  to drive with all your windows down. It has a very freeing, yet contemplation-inducing effect. While this song is meant to acknowledge the homes we have no choice but to claim, it gets you to ask yourself, where and with whom do you feel most at home? What would your answer be? 

Now that we’ve delved deep into our thoughts with KLAZ, we can be in our heads in a completely different way through Gabby Zike with her song Wasted. If you’re someone who has a hard time navigating situationships, this song is for you (aka all of us). Aside from the fact that the combination of Gabby’s voice with this witty track is enough reason alone to make you add Wasted to your playlist, the accuracy behind her sentiments of not wanting to do too much too soon will have you thinking she read your diary. This is truly the overthinker’s anthem, but done in a way that you can sway to it. 

Our final addition to Episode 3’s mini playlist is a masterful piece from Australia’s Thunder Fox. Giving us a diverse soundscape, Thunder Fox’s Sunday is nothing but intense energy from beginning to end. Sunday not only showcases Thunder Fox’s instrumental range, but we also get a sense of their ability to  get their audience to feel really whatever the hell they want them to feel in that moment.  Listening to the song, you can tell they left their souls in the studio that day, and had the utmost fun while doing so. But my words can only do but so much justice, you’ll have to get the full effect for yourself. 

All in all,  you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t give these songs a listen.  Check them out below:

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