From, Tom- Someone (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 


I wish somebody told me

The love of your life

May not be who you want

To open a piece this way sends a message to everyone who decides to get into relationships too fast. You don’t fall in love with every person you meet. There may be a physical attribute that you find attractive, but love is deeper than the surface. From Tom has dropped a new song entitled Someone, a track that details the emotions one goes through when a wrong decision might’ve been made. When it comes to love, clear thinking is thrown right out the window. We’ll do stupid things to be in love, stay in love, and get out of love.

Even with the content of the song, there definitely isn’t a dull moment on Someone. As much as you want to be sad about the situation, it’s a daily occurrence in society with no end in sight. However, the one thing that we should not do is find love for someone you have to change for. The real ones will love you for who you are and correct you when it’s time. Someone is an incredible track by From Tom with a nice perspective of falling in love with the wrong person. Check it out with the link below:

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