G-SALIH, Hindsight (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

In the world of creative expression, G-SALIH stands out as a writer with a unique flair, crafting narratives that set him apart from the rest. However, the true gem within one of his songs lies in its infectious hook. The brilliance of Hindsight unfolds as the lyrics proclaim, “Hindsight is 20/20,” offering a literal insight into G-SALIH's visionary perspective once the dust has settled on a character's narrative arc. Here, '20/20' takes on a dual meaning, not just as a reference to perfect human vision but as a metaphor for the artist's clear foresight into their own journey.

The magic of this composition extends beyond the musical notes; it lies in the audience's ability to decipher and interpret the layers of meaning embedded within them. The track, properly titled, delves deeper into metaphorical realms. Going beyond the visual metaphor, it touches upon the ideal reading distance of 20 feet. This clever play on words encourages listeners to engage in a more precise exploration of the song's intricacies, mirroring the precision associated with 20/20 vision.

We enjoyed the composition based on its dynamic interplay of words and melody, challenging the audience to actively participate in unraveling the narrative. The title serves as a gateway, beckoning listeners to approach the artist's journey with clarity while simultaneously encouraging them to read between the lines, akin to someone with perfect vision at 20 feet. G-SALIH's composition becomes an immersive experience, inviting you to delve into the story starting here 

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