GA5 – Trust Me [Radio Edit] (Track Review)

Written by Pat Moran

Imagine having a catalog that captures every mood or moment in a lifetime,” writes GA5 on his Instagram page. The UK-based producer clearly intends this as a challenge – to himself, his music industry contemporaries and his listeners. But it’s also a promise, as the opening of “Trust Me” makes clear. Over shuffling, near-subliminal beats, a series of chiming tones ascend and dissolve into harmonics. A smoky, purring vocal emerges, incorporating halting, jazz-inflected phrasing. 

“Won′t You Do it/Every Time I see your eyes/I feel (alive)/So baby won't you/Trust me”

Hypnotic choral vocals are hushed and slightly slurred, a chillwave incantation devoted almost entirely to the two words that comprise the song’s title. 

The real star here is the backing track. It’s an amalgam of soul, gospel and R&B, filtered through trip hop electronics. “Trust Me” suggests a midway point between Daniel Caesar’s genre blending pop and Portishead’s clammy atmospherics.

Coils of coquettish bass scamper, punchy percussive phalanxes intrude and retreat and wedges of triumphant brass echo in the distance. As “Trust Me” evanesces into ghostly bubbling synths, it’s feels like we’re approaching an awe-inspiring mountain range that never comes closer.

Its title to the contrary, “Trust Me” remains a teasing musical fata morgana.

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