Gabrielle Current- Undercover (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

When the drop hits, it feels like the scene from the movie, Inception, where the van falls into the water. Gabrielle Current keeps it slow with her latest single,  Undercover. It’s a sultry slow jam that will lead to some things *wink wink*. In all seriousness, she plays with the idea of testing a partner’s limits, whether that be sexually or emotionally is up to the listener’s opinion. The sound of the track is intriguing because it has jazz influences and still has a trippy element, almost psychedelic type vibes. 

Her voice complements the steadiness of the beat and holds our hand as the song goes on. She plays to the song’s name, Undercover, gauging the patience of one another. Being in the dark with a relationship can be fun in the beginning because it keeps people guessing. 

Are they together? They sure seem pretty cozy together, don’t you think? Yea, they’re f*****. 

Big headline stealers are what drives people insane when they are out of the loop. Not knowing how their relationship is personally, we have our own inferences as to what might be going on. It’s all good until she is tired of being Undercover and ready to be out for the world to see.

Take a listen:

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